• How to Choose Quality PLR Packages

    A Definite Guide to Choosing Great PLR Content Packs and Products for Your Business

    How to Choose Quality PLR Packages

    There are 2 types of PLR packages you need to be aware of:

    1.Low-Quality PLR Products - These are the type of PLR products marketers bundled or given away for a membership site. It also means that the "Quality" of the products may not be up to the standard. In other words, there will be a lot of changes you need to work on.

    2.High-Quality PLR Products - These are the type of PLR products marketers sell as a standalone product. It usually comes with the graphic, the sales letter, the thank you page, the up sellers, the banners, and much more. How will this type of PLR products be better? Well, a lot of these products are higher in quality than marketers a lot of time doing research. This allows you to speed up the process on launching your own products. 

    Regardless of the types of PLR packages you need

    Quality of The PLR Products. - This is a MUST. If the quality of the products are compromised, chances are you need to write and write everything from scratch. In addition, you also need to look at other factors such as: Does it include graphic on the contents? (Or) Can you personalized it easier? Remember, your potential customers are not looking at you as a robot. Instead, they want a "REAL" engagement with your audience. 

    Professional Written Sales Letter. - This is where the money located. When you look at the sales letter, I want to stand in the prospective of a consumer. Will you purchase the product? Will you say "NO" to the product? If you are not sure, ask or write to your sales letter. This allows you to know if you will convert.

    Professional Written Free Report or Free Lessons. - This is how you are able to build a bonded relationship with your audience. Some marketers are giving away lessons via emails. Some marketers are giving away lessons via free e-book

    Personally, I believe in lessons via emails as it creates a higher commitment rate compare to free e-book as most people will download it and never really review them. However, I will leave this to you for sure. :-)

    Let's talk about what you need, OK?

    • For free reports, look for a report that focuses on the audience to purchase your main course. It means that the audience should feel the need to buy the product. 

    • For free lessons, which are focused on providing the best content in the audience. Then, it directs the audience to purchase your product. 

    Professional Written Squeeze Page. - This is very important. Why? Well, it's because studies have shown that each potential buyer is equal to $ 1 to $ 1.50 per month for your business. It also means that you want to attract buyers for your business. 

    What do I mean by that? Well, the majority of the squeeze pages are flashy and full of graphic in which most people have no clue what they are buying into. This is the reason WHY you need to make sure that you are going to get the most out of the list of things you will receive when they opt-in to your list. PERIOD.

     Remember you need to edit and rebrand any PLR package you purchase. Your brand is the face of your business!

    What you are going to do next is to change the pricing to the lowest price the PLR creators allowed. In this case, it is $9. For me, I prefer the pricing of $9.95 as it has been tested by many copywriters to convert extremely well.

    I hope you enjoyed this post. There's many more to come!

    Watch this video to see how you should be using PLR to grow your business:

    This video is courtesy of buyqualityplr.com

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